Teething rings for babies
Let baby soothe the itch in the gums with a teething ring when the teeth start to come through. A teething ring stimulates the baby’s gums when they start to itch before the teeth come out. The good thing about this teething ring from Maseliving is that baby can bite both on the wooden ring and on the fabric. The organic cotton will absorb some of the baby’s drool, thus preventing the clothes from getting completely wet.

The round wooden ring is easy for the baby to hold on to and inside the bunny ears there is crackling paper that stimulates the baby’s senses. It is therefore fun for baby to munch on and tinker with.

Teether ring from Maseliving in 100% organic cotton
Our teethers are made of 100% organic cotton and 100% maple. At Maseliving, design and quality go hand in hand. By choosing an organic teether, you can minimize the risk of allergies in your child. All our products are created with love, care and respect for the environment and the people we work with. We want to contribute to a sustainable future where our children can grow up in a safe, healthy and beautiful world.

Buy your teether rings at Maseliving
Go hunting in our beautiful range of teething rings. The bunny ears on the teething rings are made in our beautiful Maseliving print. So you can buy matching products and create a lovely combination in the bed and in the children’s room. Should a question arise at some point, contact our customer service on phone +45 61 67 78 37 or contact us by email info@maseliving.dk.

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